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The parents are mistaken thinking that they are leading their children to the future. It’s the children who bring their good and bad deeds, their victories and defeats, their dreams to the succeeding generations.

Life is a field with both flowers and weeds. To live decently every day means cutting weeds.

You should believe in God not to fall into an abyss.

We own what we may not have owned, if we would have listened to our people.

Only an educated person can understand the Bible, that is why one can and should read the Bible when scientific knowledge is gained. The Bible will not make a person a disbeliever, but will help one become faithful and obedient.

The one who is only watching the events without making any practical conclusions is doomed to mistakes.

A society develops successfully when leaded be great characters and begins to decline with weak-willed leaders.

Immortality exists for those who believe in eternal life, who perceive life as a historic mission, for those who leave great imperishable deeds behind them.

Smart people analyze what they have done and what they do. And stupid ones tell about what they have failed to do inventing the reasons.

Analyse the life of your children daily as they are the result of your education, your living mistakes.

For me, as for many generations of fans, Dynamo Kyiv is not an empty word. This team will always live in the heart of each of us. And I believe sincerely that their new successes are not far off.

Good fame is earned by a person’s heartfulness, humanity and generosity.

All achievements are born from sweat, the amount of which determines what a man capable of.

To take the most of your time means using every minute for achieving the goal.

The future still remains to people whose children are committed to shoulder it.

Great love and appreciation for parents can be measured not with words but with real deeds to perpetuate one’s family.

Parents and children split our life in halves. Always act so that tears of joy and sadness would also be shared equally.

Only the beloved woman can bring a man real inspiration and aspiration to self-improvement.

Motherland is your father and mother, your family, it’s your birthplace, the memory of those who stand behind you, it’s the willingness to enrich this memory with your own good deeds, readiness to defend close and faraway people.

Don’t look for rewards from your Motherland. Reward it yourself daily with your good deeds, and it will appreciate your patriotism then, and not necessarily today. There will be another day tomorrow.

There are three things that make a person a leader: talent, strong character and knowledge.

An ideal for an individual is his nation and it’s historical successes.

Bur the real struggle for the state and its symbolism was still ahead.

I knew it was not a state yet, but we made a historic step…

Every person should be ready to do everything – to plow a field, to clean a road, to build, to protect freedom. The flourishing of a nation is impossible without it.

When the History comes in one stage, individual characters should fall silent.

To love Ukraine means to defend it constantly not allowing anyone to mock it’s national values.

The most important human feature is love to the Motherland.

Only great knowledge and high culture can make you flexible in politics. 

Time can teach you a lot if you don’t waste it but learn every single minute.

To escape from captivity of old ideas, one should break himself. Inspiration breeds new ideas. Goals make them a material power.

Opposite opinions should exist at least to have the opportunity to choose the right one.

Life is unbearable without a great goal.

The parents should love Ukraine so that their children also would.

When human passions and needs combine, only mind can limit it.

New ideas and new people can only appear when they are really needed.

Ukraine is all at once to me: the past, the present, and the future; both life and death. Without Ukraine life is empty, feelings are shallow, mind is faded.